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Caregiver Resources for Living with SCLC

Living With Small Cell Lung Cancer as a Caregiver

Providing support to someone living with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) can demand dedication and strength, often without training or much preparation. From assuming new responsibilities to finding ways to manage your own emotional well-being throughout a SCLC journey – and sometimes helping your family do the same – there are several challenges that are common to the critical role of caretaking. Kristen and Jody have both been down this path. While they’ve each had different experiences, their stories can help you find inspiration and provide encouragement for what lies ahead.

SCLC Caregiver Jody

Watch Jody’s Story: “There are days that it's really hard, but don't let them go through this alone. Surround them with love, support, family. You’ve got to move forward and you got to make it the best life for them you can.”

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SCLC Caregiver Kristen

Watch Kristen’s Story: “What gives me hope is the fact that my mom is still alive. Had she been diagnosed five or six years ago, I don't think that would be the case. So I'm incredibly thankful that she is alive and hopeful for the future.”

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How SCLC Caregivers Can Cope

Jody gives you a glimpse at the daily life of providing care to someone living with SCLC, including common challenges and unexpected ups and downs.

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Support for SCLC Caregivers

Learn how Jody got the strength and support she needed to cope with her own emotions, while caring for her sister who lived with SCLC.

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