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Patient Resources for Living with SCLC

Living with Small Cell

Learning of a small cell lung cancer (SCLC) diagnosis or cancer progression can have a lasting emotional impact on yourself, your friends and your loved ones. But you do not have to embark on this journey alone. Featured here are stories of SCLC survivors who have shared their experiences in order to provide inspiration to anyone living with SCLC, and to help cope with the emotional aspects that often accompany the disease.

SCLC Patient Montessa

Watch Montessa’s Story: “If I was giving other people advice about how to get your care team intact, I would go back to some of the training we do for our new teachers. And we show them a story about finding your marigold, about planting those marigolds in your garden and finding people who are around you to support you and support your growth.”

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SCLC Patient Annette

Watch Annette’s Story: “I needed to know that there was someone there when I had questions about how I was feeling, about how my body was reacting, and I needed to know that I had a doctor that was going to give me positive reinforcement.”

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SCLC Patient Nina

Watch Nina’s Story: “When I was told I might die, let me tell you, that a lit a fire under me and I started doing a lot of the things that I always wanted to do. I was able to suddenly stop putting myself down as an artist and just really enjoy what I did and put it out there.”

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SCLC Patient Kim

Watch Kim’s Story: “Be very open about your small cell with your friends and your family. Make sure you use them as a support system for you, because that is the most important thing.”

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What to Expect with Small Cell Lung Cancer

Like many, Kim had complex emotions that accompanied her diagnosis, but she didn’t allow living with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) to impact her relationships with her friends and family. In this video, she describes some of the emotional, social and physical considerations of living with SCLC.

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Advice for SCLC Patients

Living with small cell lung cancer can present a different challenge each day. Nina relies on counseling, group support and her passion for art to help cope and stay focused.

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Your Small Cell Lung Cancer Community

Learn how Montessa has used several resources to form close relationships with other cancer survivors.

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Tips for SCLC Patients

Explore a wide range of resources on small cell lung cancer from health organizations in the cancer community.

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