You Deserve More Than 10 Minutes

Being diagnosed with cancer can be isolating and confusing. Nearly 50 percent of those diagnosed spend less than 10 minutes talking to their care provider in that moment. You deserve more.

Hear how Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) patients and loved ones have coped with a diagnosis, progression or the challenges along the way – or start by discovering the appropriate resources for you no matter where you are on your journey.


There’s nothing small about it.

For those living with small cell lung cancer and the family and friends who care for them, the experience can be overwhelming – emotionally, socially and physically. You may find strength and feel more in control of the experience with access to helpful information, personalized support and community resources. We invite you to learn from – and become inspired by – others like you in this remarkable, resilient community. You are not alone.

For Patients

Living Well with Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)

Survivors share their experiences as inspiration and to help anyone living with SCLC cope with the emotional aspects that often accompany the disease.

Patient Stories

Understanding SCLC

You can be a more informed and empowered member of your own care by being grounded in facts about diagnosis, treatment, risk and options for support.

Stay Grounded

Navigating Treatment

Explore tools to help optimize your care, navigate any potential barriers and build the best support system for all your needs.

Explore Resources

Creating Your Care Plan

Taking care of yourself is crucial. Discover essential resources that can provide you and your care team with the foundation to make informed decisions.

Learn How

For Caregivers

Living Well as a Caregiver

Every caregiver will have a different story to tell, but their experiences can help you find inspiration and encouragement for what lies ahead.

Caregiver Stories

What Caregivers Should Know

Continuing to explore SCLC knowledge, even outside of the doctor’s office, is the best way caregivers can help patients understand the road ahead.

Stay Informed

The Role of the Caregiver

Learn about different types of caregiving, the various roles and responsibilities and how others have approached it successfully.

Best Practices

Support for Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Patients

Montessa learned about her options and formed a care team almost immediately after being diagnosed with SCLC 14 years ago. Today, she still pays close attention to advancements in the field. Learn how you can also develop a powerful team to help inform your options, provide emotional support when you need it, and stay on track.

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Support for SCLC Caregivers

When Jody's sister Kim was diagnosed, she was shocked and emotionally overwhelmed. While the experience was difficult, she never left Kim's side. Today, she shares how she's stayed positive and found her own support system to help get by.

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Small Cell Lung Cancer Community Events

Upcoming Events


LCAM November Highlight

Patients can face barriers to receiving treatment and accessing reliable resources. Take a moment to listen to Mari, an SCLC patient, describe her diagnosis and treatment experience, and reflect on how being bilingual helped her to connect with her provider to understand crucial information about her care.

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