Nothing Small About It

Your Small Cell Lung Cancer Plan

Creating Your Care Plan

Taking care of yourself is crucial and to do so, you need information about all of your treatment options and care resources. Here are essential resources that can provide you and your care team with the foundation to make informed decisions.

About Small Cell Lung Cancer Specialists

You’ll want to surround yourself with an all-star team. But who will be on that team, and what will their roles be? Here are some important things to consider when working with the team that will take care of you through your treatment.  

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Creating a Small Cell Lung Cancer Plan

Feeling informed about small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and treatments is key to effectively managing your illness and working with your healthcare team to create an action plan, also called a ‘care plan.’ Here are resources intended to help you and your care partners organize your SCLC treatment and stay actively involved with your healthcare team.

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Support for SCLC Patients

Learn from Montessa tips on how to develop a powerful team to help inform your options, provide emotional support when you need it, and stay on track.

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