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Resources for Understanding Small Cell Lung Cancer

Understanding Small Cell Lung Cancer

Continuing to explore small cell lung cancer even outside of the doctor’s office is the best way for patients to become a more informed and enabled member of their care experience.

What SCLC Patients Should Know About Small Cell Lung Cancer

Here’s what you need to know about small cell lung cancer, from its risk factors and potential impacts at different disease stages, to aspects that factor into treatment and care.

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Facts About Small Cell Lung Cancer

It’s important to stick with what science tells us in order to avoid false or inaccurate information. View our Misconceptions About SCLC infographic to learn more.

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FAQs About Small Cell Lung Cancer

Download this fact sheet, which includes small cell lung cancer essentials.

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Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment Options

The small cell lung cancer (SCLC) community is full of supportive organizations to help guide you through current treatment options, in addition to the recommendations you’ll be receiving from your healthcare providers. There are many organizations and institutions in the cancer community that can help you understand the types of treatment that are available now, and what clinical trials are being conducted for potential future treatment options.

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