Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Recognizing Achievements and Challenges In Small Cell Lung Cancer

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a time both to recognize healthcare industry achievements in lung cancer care, as well as to acknowledge the hurdles we still face. The number of lung cancer deaths has recently declined due to earlier detection and treatment initiatives, and it’s critical that we continue the momentum of these achievements.1 We thank all the doctors, nurses, researchers, advocates and caretakers who have helped the patients we serve.

It’s important to take this opportunity to empower people who may be hesitant to learn about their diagnosis and to support those who may feel roadblocks are standing in their way of getting the care they need. They should know that there are others who have been in their shoes who have found hope and connections to resources and community in supporting one another.

Equality in Care: A Patient’s Perspective

Patients can face barriers to receiving treatment and accessing reliable resources. Take a moment to listen to Mari, an SCLC patient, describe her diagnosis and treatment experience, and reflect on how being bilingual helped her to connect with her provider to understand crucial information about her care.


Nothing Small About It in the Community Update

In 2021, Kentucky was the first state to host Nothing Small About It: In The Community, a small cell lung cancer awareness and support program designed to connect underserved populations with local resources. Now, NSAI is continuing to change the perception of SCLC by bringing the program to more local communities and mobilizing regional programs throughout the country. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.


To help support you through your care journey, check out these resources that provide basic facts about SCLC and infograms that can be downloaded and shared on social to help in raising awareness.

Understanding the Basics About SCLC

Learning the basic facts about small cell lung cancer can help guide you through your SCLC care journey from the time of diagnosis through treatment and remission.

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1American Cancer Society. Key statistics for lung cancer. Updated February 14, 2022. Accessed October 4, 2022.