Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment Resources

It can be overwhelming to understand your treatment options and the overall healthcare landscape. These resources will provide tools to help optimize your care, navigate any potential barriers and build the best support system for all of your needs. 


Talking with Your SCLC Doctor

Your relationship with your doctor is personal and you should feel comfortable when seeking out information and advice. Learn how Annette struck a balance with her doctor very early on.

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SCLC Doctor Discussion Guide for SCLC Patients

Download our checklist, which can serve as a starting point to create a productive conversation about your treatment goals and your care plan with your healthcare provider. 

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Challenges with Small Cell Lung Cancer

Sometimes it can feel like there are roadblocks standing in the way of getting the medical care you need. Whether it is an issue with insurance, finances or traveling to a treatment center, it may feel overwhelming when you are trying to get what you need for yourself or a loved one facing small cell lung cancer. It is important to know where to go for help if you have concerns about receiving medical care or supportive services.

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